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Kati Wintermans captivated everyone with her beautiful singing voice and simple performance style in 2021, when she first appeared on the Budapest music scene. This time, she combines melancholic pop with a distinctly upbeat musicality in her new song, a nostalgic synthpop that evokes the 80s. ‘Gone to Waste’ is a classic unfulfilling love song […]

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MUSIC everywhere at Kassák Museum‘s new temporary exhibition: in theory, on paper, in your head, on sheet music, hidden in colour code, from speakers, ears, Coke cans, through headphones, into interactive contemporary art installations. The new temporary exhibition explores the relationship between the avant-garde movements of the 1910s-1930s and new musical ex

There is a special gallery in an impressive apartment in the heart of the city centre, next to Deák Square. Its owner, film director Edit Kőszegi, has made dozens of documentaries about Gypsy artists and Roma culture over the past 20 years. The apartment’s curator specialises in works by Gypsy artists, with floor-to-ceiling paintings on […]

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