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Be in the know when staying in the Hungarian capital. I will show you how.

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Ultimate guide to Budapest tours

Budapest Tours: The Definitive Guide

Self-guided tours, guided walking tours, gastro tours, bus tours, boat tours, special tours and more recommendations.

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Thermal Baths Budapest

Which Budapest Bath To Choose? The Ultimate Guide On Spas

Budapest is world-famous for its baths, with good reason. This post lists almost all of them, to compare and find out which one(s) to go-to for the perfect Budapest bath experience. You can find up to date COVID-related information about the spas, too.

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Buda Hills for Kids

Buda Hills For Kids: The Ultimate Guide

The best things to do in Buda Hills for kids. Children’s Railway, Cogwheel Railway, Chairlift, Normafa, and many playgrounds for the perfect day trip.

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15 Experiences Not To Miss In September While In Budapest

Concerts, Short Film Festival, Budapest Wine Festival, new dining experiences, Independent Label Fair, market day and more.

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