Róbert Várady: The Constant Of Uncertainty

Varady-Robert Exhibition The Constant Of Uncertainty

Róbert Várady: The Constant Of Uncertainty

The Várfok Gallery kicks off the year 2023 with the exhibition of Munkácsy Prize winner Róbert Várady. Várady’s works were last shown to the Hungarian public in a large-scale exhibition at the Kunsthalle in 2020, and in 2021 he had a solo show in Stuttgart.


Róbert Várady (1950, Budapest) is an intellectual artist. He is often inspired by existential questions that arise in philosophical and literary texts, as well as by current problems and results of scientific research. In his paintings, he translates the often elusive concepts of ontology and metaphysics, which are present in our everyday life, into the visible language of visuality, representing abstract phenomena in virtuoso visual metaphors.


The exhibition entitled Constant of Uncertainty is a fascinating selection of works painted in the last two years by the artist, who joined the permanent artistic staff of Várfok Gallery more than 20 years ago.


The paintings on display focus on the process of perception and the resulting interpretation and cognition. Várady’s brilliantly painted works show that in our uncertain world, perception is always relative. According to the German philosopher P. Sloterdijk, disorientation, a loss of direction, is one of the main characteristics of our times, which results in a lack of transparency of things and relationships. Várady reflects on this in his taut compositions. His strongly characterised figures appear in an unreal space with optical traps, their faces mostly devoid of emotion, their relationship to each other unknowable, as well as the boundaries between the real and digital world around them blurred.

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13 January 2023 - 18 February 2023

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