The Book Of Hungarikums



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When thinking of Hungary, such treasures might spring to mind as ground paprika from Kalocsa, Herend porcelain, or Hungarian operettas … But do you know when the first the refreshing spritzer was drunk, what hive stones are, or how the delicious Karcag mutton stew is made? Though it would take an age to list all Hungarian natural and cultural treasures, this extraordinary book gives a taste of the most remarkable and enjoyable Hungarian products, inventions, and natural phenomena.


ISBN                                9789634478270
Author                            Fucskár Ágnes, Fucskár József Attila
Number of pages         192
Cover                              Hard cover
Year of publication       2020
Format                            Book
Pulisher                          Alexandra Kiadó
Language                       English
Dimensions                   290 mm x 243 mm x 21 mm