Lipi Brown – Criminals In The Parliament


Vinyl LP

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Heavyweight dub from the peaceful warrior, Lipi Brown.

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Lipi Brown – Criminals In The Parliament: experience heavyweight dub from the peaceful warrior. Lipi Brown has become known as the founder, drummer, and composer of PASO (Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra) for the past 15 years. ‘Criminals in the Parliament’ is his first record since leaving PASO to continue on a politically active, critical, and uncompromising path. As a dub producer, he brings landslide-strength bass lines and echoes. As expected from a drummer, Lipi Brown speaks in rhythms and takes serious beats as a producer. He achieves this by making a futuristic sound from Celtic, Persian, and African melodies and rhythms.


  1. Act Now – Lipi Brown&Du3normal
  2. Higher – Lipi Brown&Antem
  3. Envy – Lipi Brown&Du3normal
  4. The Karma Of Babylon – Lipi Brown- Black Hole sound System
  5. Dub Now –  Lipi Brown&Du3normal
  6. Government Crisis – Lipi Brown&Du3normal
  7. Polinesia – Lipi Brown&Antem
  8. Thou Shalt Not Kill – Lipi Brown&Du3normal
  9. Karma Dub – Black Hole sound System