Faszi – 50


Vinyl LP

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Faszi 50 is a record full of love and momentum for those, who are only now getting acquainted with the oeuvre of fifty-year-old Szántó Faszi.

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Faszi 50 vinyl record. It’s a challenge to summarize more than two decades of musical oeuvre on two vinyl record sides. The most memorable Faszi songs from major formations (Üllői Úti Fuck, Striptease, TV Manci, Torpedo, Korai Öröm, Sickratman) are featured though on this album. The old tracks are just as charmingly ageing as Faszi, and turning on the volume makes them even better. Faszi’s guitar playing is hot, but nothing is too brainy: it all comes from feelings.


  1. A Bukás –  Üllői úti Fuck 1997
  2. Bocikám  – Üllői úti Fuck 1993
  3. Holnap talán  – Sztriptíz 1997
  4. Mélypont  – TV Manci 2014
  5. Horoszkóp TV Manci 2014
  6. Árnyékbox  – Torpedó 2018
  7. Kétezeröt per nyolc (Hé paraszt) – Korai Öröm 2005
  8. Mélypont  – Sickratman 2014
  9. Úgy lennék – Sickratman 2014
  10. Tibi – Sickratman 2014