Rudas Baths

Photo: Rudas Baths – © Budapest Gyógyfürdői Zrt.


The most Turkish of all in Budapest, Rudas Baths were built between 1558 and 1578. Visitors are still bathing in the original large pool and under the original dome to this day.


The thermal baths consist of a beautiful Ottoman domed pool, and the swimming pool is in a large, light hall. It is surrounded by double arcades, and the wellness centre includes a sun terrace and a hot jacuzzi on the roof overlooking the Danube. Overall there are six thermal- and one swimming pool, and there is also a buffet selling meals.


Although Rudas Baths are male-oriented and probably the most mystical Turkish-style ones in Budapest, they can be exciting for women too, given that they can have Tuesdays only for themselves. Night bathing offers a fantastic experience, which is worth trying out.