Róbert Várady: There Is Something In The Air II

Róbert Várady: There Is Something In The Air II ©Róbert Várady

On display at Várfok Galéria until 18 February 2023.

The title “There Is Something in the Air II” can be interpreted both literally and metaphorically. In the latter sense, “there’s always something in the air” refers to an unexpected, spontaneous event, while in the concrete sense it can evoke the terrible viruses of the last two years or the harmful substances polluting the air. However, the forms floating around the figures in the painting also represent the boundaries of perceptibility and imperceptibility, of invisibility and visibility, of intangibility and intangibility. The compositional contingency of the forms suggests unpredictability. The contrast between the bravura, spontaneous, improvisatory, rapid brushstrokes and the precise deposits adds significantly to the strange atmosphere of the painting.