Imre Bukta: Majd Írunk (Then We Will Write)

On display at GODOT Institute of Contemporary Art until 30 April 2023

Imre Bukta (1952) started his career as a self-taught artist in the 1970s.

His art has strong ties to the lifestyle and culture of the Hungarian people living in rural areas and working in agriculture. From the very beginning, his subjects were the objects, places and characters of everyday life, which he depicted in a wide variety of ways: he freely used all kinds of natural materials (hair, wood, corn, tiles, matchsticks, etc.), which he assembled in an assemblage style.

In his objects, installations and performances, he juxtaposes everyday tools of peasant material culture in a self-evident way, or uses them to build unique machine-like structures. His portraits and compositions can be understood as special sociological studies, but in contrast to the analytical perspective of an outsider and distancer, Bukta sees and perceives this peculiar world with its sweet-sweet overtones from the inside.