0036 Mark: Die Hard vs Cat City

On display at 0036 Mark’s Instagram

0036Mark’s works mostly mix Hungarian cartoon heroes with humorous cinematic and pop culture references.

“I’ve always been into graphic design and I’ve been following the development of street art in Budapest for the last 20 years, so I always had the idea that one day I would have works that would be able to stand up on the street.

Then, two years ago, during the Christmas rerun rush, I managed to stumble across Die Hard and Cat City a few days apart. That’s when the parallel between Nakatomi Tower House and Cat City clicked. That’s how Grabowski became Bruce Willis. This mashup idea was the first one that covered my expectations and therefore the first one that I specifically intended for the street”.

0036Mark currently has about sixty different pieces on display in Budapest, but he has well over a hundred stuck on, but they wear off over time, so the number is constantly changing.