Lockdown Music Stories: Örs Siklósi AWS Interview

Lockdown Music Stories: Örs Siklósi AWS Interview

Örs Siklósi AWS interview

“Our democratic society needs its unique and diverse cultural and media landscape in this historical situation, which was unimaginable until recently,” said German culture minister Monika Grütters. “The creative courage of creative people can help to overcome the crisis. We should seize every opportunity to create good things for the future. That is why the following applies: artists are not only indispensable but also vital, especially now”.

These lines, coming from the German government in March 2020, confirm my thoughts about the role of artists, especially now. This is why I was asking Örs Siklósi, singer of AWS a few questions about the current situation. I was curious about how he was doing, what he was thinking, under lockdown?

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Örs Siklósi AWS interview

– How can musicians in Budapest now help society? How can bands, with their creative courage, point to a better future?

– An interesting issue is a relationship between the band and its audience. On the one hand, the band draws strength from the people at their concert, and on the other hand, the musician writes his songs to get to someone and make him think. The same is true now, only in a slightly different way: the group keeps the soul in the audience with their songs and live streams, and fans encourage the musician in “remote mode” that they need what he’s doing. It was an awfully good feeling to see that, without party politics, everyone was unanimous in encouraging their fans to take the current situation seriously, to take care of themselves and their environment. There wasn’t a band I didn’t see that from, everyone was fighting in one direction. I have never seen an example of this in my life so far. 🙂

– Do you get any extra inspiration from such a historic situation? Do you feel more motivated now? Does isolation change much in artistic work?

– For me, making music has always been about writing out my problems. As a result of the pandemic, I finally have problems again! Luckily, the music helps me not to drain the tension in my environment. Since we are writing a new record, volunteer quarantine came at a good time in this regard.

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– How do you intend to (re)connect with your audience in these circumstances? What new tools and platforms you would think are going to help to achieve this?

– I’ve already given three live gigs on Facebook, in which I made three different shows. It was a great feeling to see the number of audiences grow. Also, we have already organized podcast-like conversations with other musicians in which we speculated on the current situation and possible scenarios. We are planning a lot more like this.

AWS – Fekete részem (Park Live)

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– What you would think the single biggest change is going to be in the world of music in Budapest once this crisis ends?

– For a long time, nothing will be the same for sure. There are a lot of gigs left that everyone wants to make up for – because, without them, every band would be ruined. However, if everyone wants to make up for missed shows at the same time, there will be a disappointment. For a positive outcome to a blow to music life, a huge cohesiveness will be needed, and everyone will have to consider the other’s interests as well. I am confident that we can turn this to our advantage to bring us together even better.

– Is there any “Lockdown” piece of music produced recently that you can share with the readers?

– An entire record is being made just behind the scenes! 🙂

– Is there any way for music lovers to support your work, and how?

– This is a difficult question, and we are thinking about it a lot right now. Everyone’s living conditions have changed, so we don’t feel right to ask anyone for money. However, the complete cessation of music life is a huge problem for any band. If fans order a couple of T-shirts from the band’s webshop though, they can help a lot. We haven’t tried community funding sites yet, as we have reserves for now.


AWS is a five-piece band from the Hungarian capital Budapest, playing modern metal. The core members of AWS started on their musical journey as teenagers in 2006. With fourteen years of intense touring in Hungary and abroad, four LPs, and numerous music videos, they grew to be one of the most sought-after live bands of the Hungarian metal scene. Currently they are working on their new upcoming album, out in autumn 2020.

Listen to AWS:


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