New Music Video Out From Budapest Orphans

New Music Video Out From Budapest Orphans

The residents of Esze Tamás Foster Home in Budapest shot a shocking music video about their lives. You can learn why they think it is better to be a boy than a girl, what awaits when they leave the institution, what is it like to be a teenage mother, and why would bio weed help.

“I cut myself for a reason, don’t worry, don’t despair,
the warmth of blood reminds me of my mother’s embrace”.

Lines are quite strong and honest

The Self-Knowledge Film Workshop is a joint program of two non-governmental organizations in Budapest; the Viable Charitable Association (Életrevaló) and the Northern Support Association (Északi Támpont). They provide sessions for young people living in child protection institutions, temporary home for families, and foster homes. With the help of professional actors, they make videos to draw attention to vulnerable children.

A version with English subtitle is to be released soon

Self-Knowledge Film Workshop aims to show the experience of teamwork through filming: “Young people experience success through the project and can create value that others recognize. Most young people want to be in a movie. The opportunity we offer entices and dynamizes them. Their self-knowledge will develop, they will have goals, they will become more conscious, and they will start believing in themselves. ”

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