6 Music Venues Streaming Concerts In Budapest

online stream music Budapest

6 Music Venues Streaming Concerts In Budapest

Online stream music Budapest

Venues in Budapest are doing their best to keep us listening to music.  Although they must be closed during the state of emergency due to Corona-Virus,  many of them work hard to stream as many acts as possible. I have created a list with their YouTube channels and other online sites.

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(Cover photo courtesy Oscar Keys)

Online stream music Budapest

A38 Ship Channels

While live music has a rest, A38 Ship offers some live concert footage to watch. Find hundreds of them on their YouTube channels, satisfying many genres. Pop, indie, electronic: A38 Vibes. Rock, metal, hardcore: A38 Rocks. World music & folk: A38 World. Experimental & jazz: A38 Free.

[button fa=”fa-info” style=”primary” href=”https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKMj-Dqih1tuSZBuUvTJC9Q” target=”_blank”]VIEW CHANNEL (Vibes)[/button]

Szimpla Music

You can follow Szimpla‘s streamed live music events and archived materials. Concerts, live recordings, tunes, videos, Studio, Garden Hits and more.

[button fa=”fa-info” style=”primary” href=”https://www.facebook.com/szimplamusic” target=”_blank”]VIEW CHANNEL[/button]


Müpa has made their multimedia content freely accessible. The Müpa Digital Media Library opens for everyone to watch 80 HD concert shows online.

[button fa=”fa-info” style=”primary” href=”https://www.mupa.hu/en/media/video” target=”_blank”]VIEW CHANNEL[/button]

Budapest Jazz club

Budapest Jazz Club will soon start streaming concerts behind closed doors on their Facebook page. They are also planning to upload them to their YouTube channel.

[button fa=”fa-info” style=”primary” href=”https://www.facebook.com/pg/BudapestJazzClub/videos” target=”_blank”]VIEW CHANNEL[/button]

Budapest Festival Orchestra: Quarantine Soirées

Musicians of the Budapest Festival Orchestra will hold Quarantine Evenings every day from March 16. This is to provide the audience with a musical experience even in the absence of major orchestral concerts. The online chamber concerts, broadcast from the band’s rehearsal room, are recommended for those who want to fill the closed season with content and heart-warming tunes.

[button fa=”fa-info” style=”primary” href=”https://www.bfz.hu/en/media/bfo-magazine/quarantine-soirees-musicians-bfo” target=”_blank”]VIEW CHANNEL[/button]

BMC Music Information Center and Library

BMC’s video archive spanning no less than 144 videos and 5 years is free to watch via their YouTube channel. Concerts, lectures and meetings from Guillaume de Machaut to Peter Eötvös.

[button fa=”fa-info” style=”primary” href=”https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWgWZak8N0kkOmDrwsdhkFw/videos” target=”_blank”]VIEW CHANNEL[/button]

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