What Live Concerts To Attend This Month At The House Of Music Hungary?

house of music concerts

What Live Concerts To Attend This Month At The House Of Music Hungary?

House of Music concerts: in April, the House of Music Hungary will be hosting live gigs in all genres. I have prepared the list of our favourite events at the venue.

Sauropoda | Boolk

Rock Jazz

The Sauropoda trio is a fusion of jazz, progressive rock, avant-garde and oriental music – in multi-movement compositions with sharp shifts and a mystical world. Kiss Raymond/Boolk: with solo guitar effects, improvisations, minimalist, noisy playing, the never-before-seen “Hungarian primitivism” is remarkable in the Hungarian experimental music scene. An evening of two instrumental, self-exploding musical worlds. At The House of Music, on Friday, 15th April, from 8 pm.



The musician, who describes himself as a nomadic sound artist and bassist, divides his time between Berlin and Budapest. His style is a meditative musical world that starts with dub and crosses it with other styles and sounds. Live, it all sounds like a trio with lots of improvisation. Recommended for all fans of dub music; for those who like meditative, improvisational music; for those who are open to crossover. At The House of Music, on Sunday, 17th April, from 8 pm.

Szüts Apor – The Development Of The Piano


Apor Szüts’s show will span the works of four well-known composers, from the 18th to the 20th century, in which the young pianist will show how his instrument has evolved over the last 300 years.

The programme:
Composer: W. A. Mozart
Prelude and Fugue in C major
Composer: L. v. Beethoven
Sonata in A flat major (Op. 110)
Composer: F. Liszt
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 11
Composer: F. Liszt
Csárdás Obstinèe
Composer: Gershwin
Rhapsody in blue

At The House of Music Hungary, on Wednesday 20th April, from 8 pm.

Ben Wendel – High Heart


Ben Wendel, a prominent saxophonist of the post-bop, nu-jazz, fusion jazz scene of the 2010s, will play for the first time in Hungary. With his All-Stars band of great instrumentalists, he arrives with his latest album, High Heart (2020). Canadian-born, Los Angeles-raised, now New York-based saxophonist-bassoonist Wendel is also known for his long-running fusion outfit Kneebody and his work with Snoop Dogg and Prince, among many contemporary jazz colleagues.

We recommend him to all jazz fans, especially those who prefer the more in-depth post-bop genre; open-minded hip-hop heads.

At The House of Music Hungary, on Friday 22nd April, from 8 pm.

Kaltenecker – Markó Album Release

Jazz Electronic

The keyboard-drum duo of Zsolt Kaltenecker and Ádám Markó invites you on a winding musical journey through many styles – performing live electronica-jazz crossovers that cover a myriad of genres from psychedelic music to triphop, IDM and jazz-funk. The duo, who started in 2016, have just released their first full-length album, which will get presented at this concert.

Recommended for those who love the intersection of electronica and jazz; who are captivated by outstanding technical proficiency and musical complexity.

At The House of Music Hungary, on Saturday 23rd April, from 8 pm.

Iamyank Live Ensemble: Sarah


The iamyank Live Ensemble made its debut at the 2018 Valley of Arts Festival, after which iamyank has been rewriting material for each concert, and the live line-up got formed. The first album released on vinyl was Ensemble Live At Cafe Budapest, recorded in 2019, as a concert album in line with the formation’s core element. The string quartet-guitar line-up iamyank Live Ensemble released a personal-themed album, Sarah, in 2021, which was completed at the first concert following its release and evolved into music to accompany a dance performance. It will also be performed at the Hungarian House of Music but in a further expanded form.

We recommend it to those willing to immerse themselves in musical production and lovers of the Gesamtkunst.

At The House of Music Hungary, on Sunday 24th April, from 8 pm.

Concert Of Zoltán Tamás Gárgyán


Tamás Zoltán Gárgyán is one of the most versatile young folk musicians today. Whether he brings Hungarian folk melodies to life on the various shepherd’s pipes, clarinet or woodwind instruments, the result is always astonishing: his deep and humble approach to folk music gets characterised by a profound thoughtfulness and a sophisticated, brilliant instrumental technique. In his programme, he gets accompanied by young musicians from the Carpathian Basin, taking him on an adventure into the unique world of the wind music traditions of the Carpathian Basin.

At The House of Music Hungary, on Wednesday 27th April, from 8 pm.

Lorenzo Senni / STILL / Fausto Mercier


Lorenzo Senni came into the world of electronic music as an outsider, never having been to raves or parties, and was able to capture the essence of a particular branch of club music and hedonism from a specific perspective – a theory he called rave voyeurism.

The evening will be closed by STILL, known as Simone Trabucchi, who we got to know through her 2017 album released by PAN. In her music and DJ mixes, she will explore the aesthetics of dancehall, adding an exciting, positively eclectic vibe to the proceedings.

The first half of the evening will feature a local artist, Fausto Mercier from Pécs, who also plays with deconstructed club music that gets dismantled and rebuilt many times over, creating a piece of future-oriented electronic music.

Recommended for those who can put the whole thing together from the details; for fans of deconstructed club music.

At The House of Music Hungary, on Friday 29th April, from 8 pm.

Söndörgő: Crossings


For more than a quarter of a century, Söndörgő, popular and acclaimed worldwide, has been one of the leading Hungarian bands reinterpreting and experimenting with other directions, starting from the South Slavic folk music tradition. They are no ordinary Balkan band, whose tambura-based music can also get played by a Macedonian orchestra (woodwinds, brass, accordion and drums). It always brilliantly combines respect for tradition, a desire for innovation and fiery, unstoppable virtuosity. The quintet will be performing new songs at this concert and giving a sneak peek at material from their new album, due out in the autumn.

Recommended for fans of South Slavic music, for those who are open to the meeting of traditional, classical and jazz.

At The House of Music Hungary, on Saturday 30th April, from 8 pm.

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