Home Delivery Budapest: Where To Order Groceries From?

Home delivery Budapest

Home Delivery Budapest: Where To Order Groceries From?

Home delivery Budapest

As you know, Nowudapest is meant to be about events in Budapest. But given what’s going on in the world right now, I must bring you something more relevant today. Many of English speaking readers are now struggling. Where can they find shops delivering fresh groceries in Budapest? So I have picked some excellent choices. Bakeries, Meat Shops, Farmer’s Markets, Supermarkets and Specialist Web-shops.

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Home delivery Budapest


artizan bakery BudapestArtizan – Pest, District V.

Artizan covers the entire range of bakery products, from rustic bread to intricate sweet pastries.

You can buy all the usual products for take away. When you order for home delivery, some goods are available only in limited quantities. These are for example: 75 dkg semi-brown sourdough bread; 75 dkg whole wheat sourdough bread; Croissant; Cocoa swirl; Jalapenos swirl; Scones; Braided cakes; Fågel berry jam or “snickers” porridge; Artizan daily vitamin-rich salad; Fresh milk (1L) from the Seven Springs Estate.

Orders placed before 10 am will be delivered the same afternoon and you can place orders for the following day by 3 pm. Delivery costs 890-990 HUF. Ordering and more information on 00 36 30 856 5122 during business hours. Your shopping will be delivered to your door only.

Pékműhely – Buda, District I.

Almost every day, there is something new in both savory and sweet pastries, and breads are among the top brands in Budapest

Available for home delivery (in Buda only): Semi Brown Bread 1kg 800 Ft; Wholegrain rye bread 750g 700Ft; Cakes 0.5 kg 800 Ft; Cocoa/Walnut/Cinnamon swirl 300 Ft each; Curd bag 300 Ft; Garlic twisted pieces 350 Ft; Bio tomato twisted pieces 350 Ft; Superjuice (cold pressed juices) 690Ft; Homemade handmade heat-treated milk
(Seven Source Estate) 490 Ft/L; Homemade handmade natural yoghurt (0,33ml) 490 Ft; Homemade cottage cheese (1 Kg) 2500 Ft.

Shipping fee 800 Ft, minimum order is 2000 Ft. Bread and Cakes maximum 3 pieces per order. You can place an order by emailing: order@pekmuhely.hu. Orders can be placed until 2 pm every day, and they ship between 4 pm and 8 pm the next day. There is no home delivery on Sunday. Cash payment is possible.

Waycup Cafe BudapestWaycup

This is a place where you can get specialty coffee from, delivered to your home! Waycup Cafe near Margaret Bridge brings you your regular morning and afternoon fix. Besides, if you make your coffee at home, you can order coffee beans from Awaken’s current roasting. They serve croissants too and also vegan cakes and juice.

Három Tarka Macska – Pest, District XIII.

Artisan bakery with delicacies from French flours. Crispy fresh breads, brioche, baguettes, cacao swirls, croissants, cakes.

Lisboa Pastry & Bakery – Pest, District VII.

Traditional Portuguese cake, layered dough, brioche, rustic loaf among the bakery products you can order from at this bakery in city centre. They also deliver yoghurt and sandwiches.


venison gusto meatVenison Gusto

The finest Hungarian deer, wild boar, grey cattle and water buffalo meat. Based on traditional Hungarian recipes. You can place an order by contacting them through their website.

Royal Pate

Goose liver paté products. The pure, Hungarian fatty goose liver contains a pinch of Himalaya salt and Muntoc pepper and does not contain preservatives or any additives.

Zsóka Fekete Mangalica Farm

Zsóka Fekete’s farm sells sausages, bacon, fat and ham, made of Mangalica pigs. You can order smoked products by contacting Zsóka via her website. She will send you a list of available products. Delivery is quick, you will get your shopping the next day.

Farmer’s Market


Scheduled shoppings and home-delivery available for fresh vegetables, bakery and dairy products. Greens include salads and salad mixes, Swiss chard, scallion, spinach, sorrel, ramsons, coriander. You can also buy dried- and some fresh fruits.

Zsámboki Biokert Organic Box System

High quality organic vegetables in the Budapest-Gödöllő area. Nyitott Kertek box system offers the opportunity to order vegetables from Zsamboki Biokert every week. There are many collection points in Buda and Pest and home delivery in city centre is also available.

Online Supermarkets


Italian olive oil and pasta shop. You will also find coffee and wine, chocolates and even espresso maker and house line pasta machines.

Pagony Közért

Large selection of dairy products, kosher spices, diabetic products and food items. And you can buy many more things as you would expect in a supermarket.

Specialist Webshops

Chocolate – Rózsavölgyi

Old Hungarian shapes and patterns blend in with new creations.

Coffee – Blue Bird Cafe

Freshly roasted coffee beans from the heart of Budapest with Coffee Subscription.

Wine – Taste Hungary

Great selection of Hungarian wine.

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