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39 amazing things to do in Budapest, 24 February – 1 March

Going out this week Budapest 24 February - 1 March 2020

Gear up for an exciting week in Budapest, where new exhibitions and cool sport events await — and top talent takes the stage.

With many opening exhibitions and cultural attractions, Budapest is busy this week with art. You've got a few days left to see the István Farkas (1887-1944) Forsaken Exhibition, make sure you don't miss it! But then the Bodies 2.0- WITTGENSTEIN- Kamill Major's- and Paolo Ventura's Exhibition will all open during the week.

American Football fans will be delighted to hear about two events: there is a Training Camp With Professional NFL Players going on and also Budapest Cowbells face off against Szombathely Crushers in a pre-season game. There are water polo and football games too, and Budapest Boat Show opens its gates on Thursday.

On stage this weekend is Néptáncantológia, the beautiful Folk Dance Festival and I have suggested a romantic comedy and an opera play as well to theatre lovers.

Electronic music fans will be happy to see Tycho, Acid Arab and Exiles - they are all promising acts. I have brought something though for Irish music- and Hungarian ska- supporters too: Bran and Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra present their music on the weekend.

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boatshow Budapest 2020


Budapest Boat Show 2020

Hungary’s greatest land-locked harbour, the season opening event of boating and water-sports opens its gates again on Thursday.

When: Thursday-Sunday 27-01 February-March 2020
Where: HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center
Cost: From 2,400 HUF

Training Camp With Professional NFL Players

Check out how professional NFL players train and watch 20 of them like DeAngelo Williams, Todd Gurley, Alex Mack or Deion Jones in action.

When: Saturday 29 February 2020
Where: Puskás Aréna, Budapest, 1146
Cost: Free

Breeders weekend BudapestBreeders Weekend 2020

This year's event hosts 40 young stallions for the approval, with stallion show and free-jumping. Free entry on both days.

When: Friday-Saturday 28-29 February 2020
Where: Nemzeti Lovarda Budapest - Tattersall, Kerepesi út 7., 1087
Cost: Free

Ferencváros (FTC) - Debrecen (DVSC)

Football game in Groupama Arena on Saturday.

When: Saturday 29 February 2020
Where: Groupama Aréna, Üllői út 129., Budapest, 1091
Cost: From 2,350 HUF  

Budapest Honvéd - Diósgyőr (DVTK)

Football game in Hidegkuti Nándor Stadium on Saturday.

When: Saturday 29 February 2020
Where: Hidegkuti Nándor Stadium Budapest
Cost: From 1,690 HUF  

waterpolo match BudapestBudapest-Zugló (BVSC) -  Semmelweis University (OSC)

Water polo match on Wednesday.

When: Wednesday 26 February 2020
Where: Szőnyi út 2. Laky Károly uszoda, Budapest, 1142

Budapest Cowbells - Szombathely Crushers

American Football pre-season game and also the debut of Budapest Cowbells new pitch.

When: Saturday 29 February 2020
Where: Tichy Lajos Sportcentum Budapest, Katona József u. 3, 1194
Cost: 1,000 HUF (free for under-14s)

Istvan Farkas Exhibition Budapest


On view until 1st March: Forsaken World - The Art of István Farkas (1887-1944)

István Farkas is one of the most original artists of post-WWI Hungarian Modernism who was killed in Auschwitz. The Hungarian National Gallery presents the work of István Farkas in so far unprecedented wealth.

What: Temporary exhibit
When: Until Sunday, 1 March 2020
Where: Hungarian National Gallery, 1014 Budapest, Szent György tér 2.
Cost: From 1,700 HUF

Opening: WITTGENSTEIN 2020 Budapest

Some 17 artists present their photography, video installation, sculpture, drawing and other artwork starting on Saturday. Wittgenstein was a fervent and traveling European, and in his memory aqb Budapest brings this exhibition across Europe, boundlessly connecting artists and thinkers.

What: Travel Exhibition
When: 6 pm on Saturday, 29 February 2020
Where: Art Quarter Budapest, 1222 Nagytétényi út 48-50.
Cost: Free

Opening: Paper–Grid–Akkadian - Kamill Major’s Exhibition

Living in Paris, painter Kamill Major is not widely known in Hungary. Major engraves his reliefs into wooden panels and paper-based abstract compositions. This exhibition highlights thirty paintings, the earliest made in 1979.

What: Temporary exhibit
When: Wednesday, 26 February 2020 until 5 April 2020
Where: Műcsarnok - Institution of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, 1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 37.
Cost: 800 HUF

Opening: Paolo Ventura's Venetian Story - The Automaton Exhibition

Hungary’s largest-scale photography show, Budapest Photo Festival 2020 opens with Paolo Ventura’s Venice. The Automaton takes place in Venice during WWII, at a time when the Nazis entered North Italy to stop their former allies from falling away. “Each photo was taken in an imaginary Venice, of which I built a model in miniature" says the artist, mixing fiction with reality.

What: Temporary exhibit
When: Friday, 28 February 2020 until 7 June 2020
Where: Műcsarnok - Institution of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, 1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 37.
Cost: 800 HUF

bodies exhibition BudapestOpening: Bodies 2.0 The Universe Within

Scientific and educational exhibit Bodies 2.0: The Universe Within consists of 200 specimens including whole body specimens. Explore actual human bodies and have a look at what normally only doctors and scientists are allowed to see.

What: Temporary exhibit
When: Wednesday, 26 February 2020 until 31 May 2020
Where: Bálna – Budapest 1093, Fővám tér 11-12
Cost: From 2,500 HUF

When the Beat Drops

The second night of What is Dance? documentary series, this time about Bucking, also known as “J-setting”. The movie is in English with no subtitles.

What: Film screening
When: 6 pm on Monday, 24 February 2020
Where: Trafóklub, Budapest Liliom u. 41
Cost: 1,000 HUF

Guided Tour at Kőbánya Local History Museum

Vera Molnar / Disorder in order / Guided tour in English

Discover the cultural hub among the factory buildings on Soroksári way

tycho Budapest



Tycho, music project of San Francisco based artist and producer Scott Hansen is coming to Budapest with a renewed line-up on its Weather World Tour. Also with them is Hannah Cottrell, who has lent her beautiful voice to several new songs.

What: Electronic
When: Monday, 24 February 2020
Where: Akvárium Klub, 12 Erzsébet tér, Budapest, 1051
Cost: 7,900 HUF

The Workshop ✄ Ruby Harlem Listening Party

Get an insight into the production of a record, from the composition to the studio process, while listening to Hungarian band Ruby Harlem's 'Legyen úgy ahogy nem volt még' album. Afterwards you can meet the band over food, drinks and conversation.

What: Listening party
When: Wednesday, 26 February 2020
Where: The Workshop, Paulay utca 16., Budapest, 1061
Cost: Free


Bran presents Irish music to audiences in its full diversity. Their repertoire includes old songs, both in the Irish and English languages, traditional dance tunes, and, if the occasion calls for it, pub music. Bran also offers 'ceilidhs' (dance circles), where a tutor helps those interested in learning traditional Irish dances.

What: Irish music, live concert
When: Saturday, 29 February 2020
Where: Jókai Klub, Hollós út 5., Budapest, 1121
Cost: Free

pannonia allstar ska orchestraPannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra/Kaukázus

Fuck Plastic Waste Carnival at Barba Negra Music Club brings two live concerts on Friday. Hungarian ska band Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra's musical style has fused Jamaican-style ska and reggae with jazz melodies and elements of traditional Hungarian folk music. Expect great fun and happy sing-along! Supported by alternative/indie group Kaukázus.

What: Live concert
When: Friday, 28 February 2020
Where: Barba Negra Music Club, Prielle Kornélia u. 4/b., Budapest 1117
Cost: 4,000 HUF

Broken Shadows - Ornette Coleman

Founded in honor of Ornette Coleman, one of the great pioneers of modern jazz, Broken Shadows led by Péter Ajtai plays the ever-revolving musical heritage of free jazz based on collective improvisation.

What: Free jazz
When: Friday, 28 February 2020
Where: Jedermann, Ráday u. 58, Budapest 1092
Cost: 1,000 HUF


Guest performance of the most important branch of Hungarian experimental techno at Ambient.

What: Techno
When: Saturday, 29 February 2020
Where: Ambient, Múzeum körút 41, Budapest, 1053
Cost: 1,500 HUF

Acid Arab concert BudapestAcid Arab

It's not a fusion, it's not a mix, it's an encounter. This is how French trio Acid Arab describes their combination of Western electronic- and Eastern music.

What: Live concert
When: Saturday, 29 February 2020
Where: Akvárium Klub, 12 Erzsébet tér, Budapest, 1051
Cost: From 5,900 HUF

Bine Bryndorf

Danish organist Bine Bryndorf performs Bach pieces among Danish composers' works.

What: Classical music
When: Tuesday, 25 February 2020
Where: Mupa Budapest, 1095 Komor Marcell u. 1.
Cost: From 2,400 HUF

folk dance festival Budapest


Néptáncantológia - Folk Dance Festival 2020

One of the most prestigious events in the cultural life of Budapest and Hungary is the annual Folk Dance Festival. The spectacular theatrical show, seen only once, will feature the most outstanding works of both professional and non-professional performers of 2019. Hundreds of folk dancers and folk musicians take the stage and revive the extraordinarily beautiful and precious folklore of the Carpathian Basin.

What: Folk Dance Festival
When: Sunday, 1 March 2020
Where: Budapesti Operettszínház, Nagymező utca 17., Budapest, Hungary, 1065
Cost: From 3,000 HUF

Be in time (Constellations)

Theatre performance in English. A boy-meets-girl romantic comedy which shades into something much sadder. Rich script that is simple and colloquial on the surface, but uncovers the deeper meanings of life, love and loss.

What: Romantic Comedy
When: Saturday, 29 February 2020
Where: RS9 Theatre, Budapest, 1075
Cost: 3,200 HUF

L'italiana in Algeri

Opera in two acts, in Italian, with Hungarian and English surtitles.

What: Opera
When: Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday, 25-27-29 February 2020
Where: Erkel Theatre, 1087 Budapest, II. János Pál pápa tér 30.
Cost: From 1,900 HUF

Budapest Jaguar


Bottega Napoletana - Opening and Free Tasting

Official opening of Bottega Napoletana with the opportunity to taste specialties and to listen to live music (Wednesday, 26 February).

Interior Design Day

A single-day workshop in English as an introduction for beginners to learn how to create an inspiring space and the use of basic designer tools (Saturday, 29 February).

Baby Steps

Children and their parents participate together in songs, stories and simple activities led by a native English instructor to create an English speaking environment (Monday, 24 February).

Addressing nuclear challenges and connectivity issues in Asia

Conference held by The Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade. Open for the public but registration is required (Wednesday, 26 February).

The Studios ∞ Story Slam ∞

Share your favourite story in 5 minutes with a wider accommodating audience (Friday, 28 February).

Ferment Workshop

Learn about bacteria, eat and ferment many different things including kimchi, coconut yogurt, sauerkraut and more (Saturday, 29 February).

English Conversation Club - Are you emotionally grown-up?

Is it true that young adults live in a culture of Peter Pans, flying free in Neverland with no past and no future? Are 30s the new 20s (Monday, 24 February)?

Budapest movie premiers


It Must Be Heaven


Wasp Network


The Invisible Man 


Dark Waters


The Whistlers




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