Food delivery Budapest

Nowudapest is supposed to be about events in Budapest, as you know. But given what's going on in the world right now, I must bring you something more relevant today. What food can you order for home delivery in Budapest? Well, here are sixteen restaurants from Italian to Street Food and Vegetarian offering home delivery. I have included direct links to Wolt in most of the cases so you can place an order without any fuss.

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(Cover photo courtesy Mgg Vitchakorn)

Food delivery Budapest


Italian food delivery Budapest2 Spaghi Fresh Pasta Bar

This Fresh Pastabar is a real factory where pasta is handmade under the supervision of the Italian owners. They make pasta with and without eggs by using Italian durum wheat flour, and you can also get stuffed ravioli and tortellini. They cook sauces fresh every day. Why don’t you try the fresh raw pasta so you can make your sauce at home?


Trattoria Venezia

Trattoria means an Italian restaurant serving simple food. Venezia is great with pizza and pasta: good pizzas come out of the wood-burning oven, and they prepare gnocchi and fried lasagne tubes and even risottos.



True Neapolitan Pizza is made exclusively in a wood-fired oven. They have strict rules on shape, texture, preparation, and fermentation. Pizzeria IGEN is a member of Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, AVPN, and this means you are in good hands when it comes to great pizza. Try desserts too!


Il Terzo Cerchio

Il Terzo Cerchio is a typical Tuscan restaurant with barbecued meat and wood-fired oven. The excellent menu is rich in meat- and fish dishes as well as pasta and desserts. There are home-made bread and Italian wine available for home delivery.



Vegetarian food delivery BudapestTokio

If you’re looking for sushi with a great selection of wine, then Tokio is a great choice! There are both hot and cold Japanese options, with traditional and more international offerings. Expect exciting flavours and upmarket food.


Dang Muoi Pho Bistro

Dang Muoi has opened its first restaurant in the city after having a well-known buffet at the famous Józsefváros market. Today they own five, and the menu is rich in classic pho varieties and traditional soups. You can also order Vietnamese rice noodles, tofu, and roast beef.


Street Food Home Delivery Budapest

street food delivery BudapestBuja Disznók

There are three dishes on the home delivery menu at Buja Disznók (which translates Lush Pigs): premium quality, GIANT breaded pork cutlet, fried chicken legs, and fried duck liver. Expect huge portions (45-50 dkg) of meat.


Happy Panda

Probably the best of the street food genre in Budapest at the moment, Happy Panda serves Chinese dishes. There are not many on the menu; a few soups, salads, multi-layered pancakes with many extras, and rou jia mo. This one is similar to a sandwich filled with pulled pork, but the meat is minced and not torn. The flavour has cumin and mildly hot peppers, among other things. Try the pancakes, made with onion and chilli sauce!



At Töltő, they make individually flavoured, handmade barbecue sausages such as wild boar and chicken. They also serve homemade bread, special sauces (fancy some Chinkiang sauce?), toppings, and craft beers. Fine dining at this restaurant meets street food.

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Kandalló Pub

One of the best representatives of the 'craft beer with burger' concept in Budapest also delivers to your home. Kandalló Pub serves mind-blowing burgers in extra meat or vegetarian versions plus craft beers. Try goat-cheese burger!


Nemo Fish&Chips&Salad

At Nemo Fish&Chips&Salad you can order online a wide selection of grilled- and breaded fish and other seafood. You can get fish soup and salmon pasta and even fish burger. There are certainly fish and chips and salads available on the menu.


Vegetarian-friendly & Vegan

Asian food delivery BudapestIstvánffi Veggie Burger

You can request your burger with three types of vegetable patties: wheat, mushroom, and oatmeal. They do French fries too and have developed their selection of sauces.  100% Vegan  


Juicy Bagel

Juicy Bagel serves fruit juices and smoothies from common and astonishing ingredients, lactose-, gluten-, and sugar-free products, raw vegan cookies. And the center is the bagel.  100% Vegan  


Olive Tree Hummus Original

Olive Tree Hummus Original is based on the concept of bringing authentic Israeli and Ukrainian cuisine to Budapest. Hummus, falafel, vareniki dumplings are among the dishes on the menu. They offer many deals for 2-3 persons should you need to order for more people.


Maharaja - Csengery Street

The first Indian restaurant in Hungary has been offering the most popular Indian and Nepalese dishes since 1994. They’ve got an enormous menu including fish and vegetarian dishes and selection of Indian bread.


ONO Poké Bowl & Bar

Poké bowl is the national dish of Hawaii. Its name indicates a cutting technique. It is traditionally made by mixing fresh fish with colorful vegetables and fabulous sauces. Build your own with fresh salmon, tuna, or vegan options.



Photo credits:
Italian pasta making courtesy Jorge Zapata
Pho dish courtesy Sharon Chen
Vegetarian courtesy Hermes Rivera
Street food courtesy Buja Disznók Restaurant