Street Art Guide Tour Budapest

Walking tour in Budapest

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The street art guide tour is one of Budapestflow‘s most popular walking tours. It leaves you with a unique insight into contemporary Budapest.

On this street art guide tour, Budapestflow offers an understanding of history, culture and creative context. You will be looking at graffiti, murals and other forms of street art during the three hours program. You can explore the contemporary art across the otherwise bare walls of the Jewish Quarter while taking photos. And in the meantime, your guide will be discussing the individual works you get to see with their social and political backgrounds.

You will learn about history and culture and the local artists dominating the scene. Once you have walked around the street art tour site, you will stop at a local café to enjoy one of the vibrant hubs that serve artisan coffee and a creative atmosphere. And you can chat about what you have experienced during your visit.

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