Stacey Kent / 23 May 2022


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Stacey Kent Concert Budapest – Stacey Kent is a jazz singer who has appeared on stages in over fifty countries. Her career has witnessed Grammy nominations, million-selling albums and sold-out concerts. Most of Stacey Kent’s songs got written by her saxophonist husband, Jim Tomlinson. As a lyricist, she has worked with English, French and Portuguese writers and Nobel Prize-winning author Kazuo Ishiguro.

According to Kazuo Ishiguro: “Stacey’s singing voice never lets you forget that the songs are about people. The main characters in the songs come alive with her voice so sometimes you have to remind yourself that it’s just voiced on the record. She does with her voice what the finest actors do on the movie screen when they portray the complex nuances of personality and emotion with the subtle movements of their faces and postures. She is the great jazz diva of our time”.

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