The Hidden Mini Sculptures Tour Of Budapest

Find Mihály Kolodko’s mini sculptures around the city

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Mini sculptures tour Budapest: scattered around the city, sculptor Mihály Kolodko’s mini sculptures complete the existing ‘normal-sized’ monuments with a visible pinch of irony. Some represent significant figures in Hungarian history, and others are just as cute as a cartooned rabbit.

Each artwork has its meaning and background, making this mini sculptures tour Budapest a great way to learn about history, architecture, politics and society.

Although the mini sculptures are typically close to the main touristy sights of Budapest, they are not easy to find without a guide. First of all, they are tiny, and secondly, they are well hidden in the urban design.

On this tour by Budapestflow, you will find 7 of them. You will cover various areas of Budapest, both walking and by public transport (tickets get included in the tour price).

If you like art and history but don’t want to spend time inside a museum, this tour is for you. If you want to know more about Budapest’s culture, past, art, and lifestyle, this tour is for you.

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