Ludwig Museum: Emplotment / 13 May – 28 August 2022

international group exhibition


Ludwig Museum Emplotment exhibition, an international group showcase focuses on the reworking and performative representation of trauma sources using the tools of visual art. The exhibit will examine how the role of the artist has changed in recent decades and what new approaches and perspectives have emerged in the field of trauma processing. Although the analysis of the relationship between art and trauma has a long history, the exhibition emphasises the relational aspect beyond the issue of representation and representability.

The exhibition presents five basic artistic positions, but does not attempt to cover all possible ones to create another closed discourse. From the point of view of their own curatorial approach, the museum has highlighted the relevant common denominators and intersections, adapting them to the positions that emerge through artistic manifestations: exploratory, catalyst, resource, reparative, performative. Further nuanced in each work, the basic positions also support the exhibition’s aim to provide a possible interpretative framework through which we can delve deeper into understanding processes that are currently affecting society at a poignant level and into the positions that drive the artists.

In the context of the Central and Eastern European region and its domestic context, these studies do not just shed new light on the recent past but also open up the possibility of interpreting discourses that seem remote and closed and unpacking historically convoluted and suppressed perspectives. Within the visual arts scene, the micro-historical view, the artist’s possible personal involvement, experience or direct engagement with sources of trauma, has triggered new narratives and diverse ways of processing them. The latter has contributed to the rewriting of empowered narratives, and digital technology has allowed previously unexplored connections and contexts to emerge in a short time, upsetting the usual research methods and creating a ‘short circuit’ within the academic hierarchy.

Ludwig Museum Emplotment exhibition does not aim to create a closed framework, but to use its platform nature to allow the narrative plot to evolve, engage the viewer and provide insights into the propositions made through the accompanying microsite, which will continuously expand throughout the Call.

The exhibition is a joint project with the Petőfi 200 Memorial Year.

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