Hungarian National Museum: May Day Of Museums / 21-22 May 2022

exhibitions by 70 museums


Hungarian National Museum: May Day Of Museums: on Saturday and Sunday, 21-22 May, you can visit the Mayal of Museums at the Hungarian National Museum and Museum Garden. 

More than 70 museums will present their exhibitions and programmes on the weekend. During the day, there will be children’s programmes, guided tours, museum educational activities, a WAMP design fair and gastronomic specialities.

In addition to the colourful programmes, lectures and a conference will be available for a professional audience. As is tradition, the Museum of the Year Award will get presented during the May Festival.

In the evening, Ivan and the Parazol and Dj Bootsie will perform. The Willany Leo Company will present a unique dance performance, and Bálint Adorjáni’s chamber piece by Capa will be on show.

The Hungarian National Museum: May Day programmes and evening concerts are free of charge on both days.

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