Art Cinema Night / 20 May 2022

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Art Cinema Night 2022: tickets are now on sale for the most outstanding art cinema event of the year, where you can choose from the best of the best as usual and spend the night in 5 cinemas with a single wristband!

On Friday, 20 May, as the art cinema-goers of Budapest have become accustomed to: film frames will be spinning on the screen from early evening until dawn the next day in five of Budapest Film’s cinemas, the Művész, the Puskin, the Toldi, the Kino Café and the Tabán.

Most of the films of Art Cinema Night 2022 are in the original language with Hungarian subtitles, and Hungarian films get shown with English subtitles.

At the traditional cinema marathon, the new Hungarian comedy Zanox-Risks and Side Effects will be screened before the premiere. Oliver Stone’s Doors will return to cinemas, and award-winning festival films will also keep you awake. Once again, and perhaps for the last time, you can see Spielberg’s West Side Story in cinemas – and you can also catch up on Hungarian films like Külön falka, A legjobb dolgokon bőgni kell, A feleségem története, or Kilakoltatás.

The wristbands for all venues are now available at the Artmozik box office for HUF 3800.

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