10th Fresh Meat Budapest International Shortfilm Festival / 2-8 June 2022

super-fresh Hungarian and international short films

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The 10th Fresh Meat Budapest International Shortfilm Festival will be from 2-8 June at the Toldi cinema.

In addition to super-fresh Hungarian and international short films, the crowd-favourite show returns with a new thematic block and a timeless publication to replace the festival programme booklet!

Budapest International Shortfilm Festival

Starting as a two-day short film festival, Friss Hús has grown into a one-week international festival with more than 40,000 spectators and 800 films screened: to mark its tenth anniversary, the organisers are staging a larger-than-ever Fresh Meat this year.

The international competition programme falls into three thematic blocks, with Oscar nominations and Cannes competition films.


Six festival favourites get included in this selection. The key theme of each story is letting go, with a section devoted to the difficulties of dealing with grief (Bluestar) or the despair of an adolescent boy (Techno, Mama), ranging from experimental films to more traditional features. Heavy themes and a dramatic tone characterise this block of movies, which offer memorable cinematic experiences.

The family’s little treasures

Among the international films entered for this year’s Fresh Meat, there are a number of ‘I came this way’ pieces, set in family settings and clearly inspired by the personal experiences of their creators. Filmmakers also often leave the parental home with a wealth of material, and this block brings together a selection of personally inspired works that deal with family relationships. Films in this selection take us to a Canadian farmhouse (Woodpecker), a French roma colony (Shakira) and Iranian households (The Fourth Wall, Barter).

Brave New World

Although the Fresh Meat team borrowed the section title from Huxley, science fiction will not be the dominant genre in this block, despite the fact that there are some utopian works in the selection. Whether it’s an ordinary hospital visit (The Last Day of Patriarchy) or Pinochet’s cruel torturer (Bestia), all are works about our recent past and present, including an Oscar nominee (Bestia) and a Cannes competition film (Lili Alone).

The X Fresh Meat will also issue a timeless, high-quality film publication, which will provide a detailed look at the festival’s offerings. It will discuss the current state of contemporary short film and the future potential and role of the art of film, from a broader perspective in articles of professional relevance.

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