District 5. in Budapest is called Belváros (inner city), which is the small area of central Pest that once stood within the medieval city walls. This area, with its network of streets, is more packed than any other downtown part. The principal sights are Károlyi-garden, Váci street (the high street), the Danube Corso, Elisabeth Bridge and Inner City Parish Church.

Attractions in District 5. in Budapest

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Restaurants in District 5. in Budapest

Tip: Explore the district on foot and eat at one of the best restaurants.

Borkonyha Budapest restaurant


EPOCH Vegan Burger



Mák Bistro

Momotaro Ramen

Cafés and places to have breakfast in District 5. in Budapest

Where to have brunch and lovely coffees in District 5. in Budapest?



Jacques Liszt – Misi A Pék