A List Of Useful Apps To Use On Your Mobile When In Budapest

A List Of Useful Apps To Use On Your Mobile When In Budapest

Budapest apps come in handy when you spend time in the city. These applications will help you order food, get around, make payments, check COVID certificates and more.

Budapest apps for getting around

#1. Waze

Waze is an app developed by Google, mainly to help drivers, for use on IOS and Android phones. Very popular in Hungary, it has alerts about traffic, police, hazards and more.

Budapest apps Waze

IOS Android

#2. Bolt

Bolt=Uber in Hungary. Bolt works practically the same as Uber, and you can even pay cash for your ride. It is available in Budapest mostly.

Use your smartphone to order a ride and get picked up by a nearby driver. You can see the price of your ride before you order.

IOS Android

#3. BKK Futár

BKK Futár is one of the Budapest apps run by the Budapest Public Transport Operator. It allows you to plan your journey, check routes and connections. It helps you get around the city by public transport.

BKK futár app

The app displays all operating buses, trams and trolleybuses on the map. Nearby departures show departing routes from stops in your area. By clicking on a bus stop on the map, real-time upcoming departure times are available. Ticket vending machine locations are also available on the map.

IOS Android

#4. Mobiljegy

The app helps you to use public transport in Budapest by allowing you to buy your tickets. Then you can validate them using a QR code during your journey.

Mobiljegy app

When you download the app, you can make online purchases by debit and credit cards. Upon boarding, you can validate your ticket by scanning the validation code placed inside or outside the vehicle or at the underground entrance.

IOS Android

#5. MOL Bubi

The community bike rental app bears the name of the Hungarian oil company. You can pick up and drop off bikes at any of the docks in the city.

MOL bubi app

Download the app and find a bike at one of the stations; once you have registered, you can choose the fare that best suits you. You can either use the QR code scanner or a 6-digit number placed on the bike to pick one up. You can track in the app how long you have been riding. Once you finish your ride, return the bike to any station and smart lock it.

IOS Android

#6. MOL limo

Similar to bike-sharing, MOL limo can be a good solution for short-term car rental. Both electric and petrol vehicles are available for hire.

MOL limo Budapest app

Download the app and register and upload your driver’s licence. Once your account is activated, you are ready to book a car through the application. The map shows all the available ones nearby with their respective information.

IOS Android

#7. MÁV

With the app of the Hungarian railway company, you can search routes and buy your train tickets.

Budapest apps MÁV

The app provides information about stations and changing trains. It shows the journey price and indicates the obligatory surcharge when applicable. The app enables tracing the trains in real-time on the map.

IOS Android

#8. Lime

Lime is a popular community electric scooter app in Budapest. Find a nearby scooter on the map and unlock it by scanning the QR code or entering its ID. Once you have finished your journey, you can end your ride in the app.

Lime scooter Budapest apps

IOS Android

#9. Blinkee.city

Electromobility sharing service in Budapest. Find a nearby Blinkee and unlock it by scanning the QR code or entering its ID. Once you have finished your journey, you can end your ride in the app.

Blinkee.city app

IOS Android

#10. GreenGo

This app offers a fleet of fully electric cars in Budapest. Fees are pay-per-minute. You will need a valid ID, a driver’s licence and a debit or credit card to use it.

Greengo app

IOS Android

#11. Parkl

You can use Parkl to pay for parking in any of Hungary’s paying zones on the street, easily as for anything else using the Parkl app. You can search for the closest parking place to your destination on the application’s map. There is a broad network of hotels, apartment buildings, office buildings, parking garages, and shopping malls.

Parkl app

After you’ve downloaded the app and registered, rely on your GPS or type your destination into the search field, and free parking spots nearby will show.

IOS Android

Budapest apps for ordering food and groceries

#12. Bolt Food

Bolt Food is the equivalent of Uber Eats, where you can order food from restaurants and other places.

Bolt Food app

You can set your delivery address, pick a restaurant you fancy and choose your meal. After making your payment, you can track your order and watch the courier arrive.

IOS Android

#13. Netpincér

The oldest Hungarian food ordering app, Netpincér, is now available in many parts of the country. The arrival of Wolt has been good for the service, as it needed to be improved to keep up with the competition.

Netpincér app

Download the app and set your location, and you are ready to pick a restaurant or grocery store to order. You can pay by cash and debit or credit card, and also the Hungarian SZEP card.

IOS Android

#14. Wolt

The Hungarian Deliveroo. The recently launched Wolt courier service now covers all of Budapest. Its English-language, real-time customer support comes in handy when using the app: you can chat with them, and they respond quickly.

Wolt Budapest apps

You get real-time delivery status once you have ordered, and you can pay by debit and credit card and Apple Pay.

IOS Android

#15. Munch

Get cheaper access to food and groceries that restaurants and shops would no longer use that day. Instead of throwing food away, they make food items available for you at a better price.

Munch app

Not only can you buy food at a great price on the Munch platform, but you can also easily take action against food waste.

IOS Android

Budapest apps for everything else

#16. Simple

Simplepay is a universal banking payment app developed by OTP bank. Many Hungarian service providers and Budapest apps use it as a payment gateway. The app provides secure payment with well-known card providers (including American Express), regardless of the issuer bank.

Simplepay app OTP

Once downloaded, you can use it to pay for parking tickets, insurance, public transport tickets, motorway stickers, etc.

IOS Android

#17. EESZT COVID Control

EESZT is an application run by the Hungarian state. People can track COVID vaccines and certificates by using it.

EESZT app covid

The Hungarian Vaccination Certificate, European Union Vaccination Certificate, EU Test Certificate and EU Health Certificate are available in the app. For the first time, the app asks for the user’s social security number (TAJ).

IOS Android

#18. Budipest

This app is one of the funniest yet helpful Budapest apps. It has a map of public toilets in the city and also in other parts of the country.

Budipest toilet app

The community-based toilet finder displays public restrooms in clubs, bars and shopping malls that are open to anyone. You can check the opening hours, accessibility information and whether the toilet is free of charge or not.

IOS Android

#19. Természetjáró

Természerjáró is the online tourist guide of Hungary, specially developed for hikers, bikers, trail runners, rock-climbers and water sports lovers.

Természetjáró Budapest apps

The app recommends and makes it possible to plan excursion routes. There are descriptions and route plans and maps to help hikers.

IOS Android

#20. Deepl

Deepl is one of the most useful Budapest apps. It is a translation app, which understands the Hungarian language better than google translator and others, is probably the best app for Hungarian translation on the market, highly recommended.

Deepl translator app

IOS Android

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