Which Budapest Bath To Choose? The Ultimate Guide On Spas

Budapest is world-famous for its baths, with good reason. This post lists almost all of them, to compare and find out which one(s) to go-to for the perfect Budapest bath experience. You can find up to date COVID-related information about the spas, too.

10 Experiences With Kids In Mind During The Lockdown In Budapest

I have listed a few excellent experiences for kids during the lockdown in Budapest that they will love. And hopefully, events will soon start again so everyone can go out finally. As of writing this, all the shops and experiences listed below are open and available to enjoy. For more information, check their websites.

Current Coronavirus Rules In Budapest And Hungary

Coronavirus rules in Budapest

I have collected and listed the current, up to date Coronavirus rules in Budapest in force in this post. There are links to official sources of information on Covid too, and you can also find links to news sites covering the latest on Covid 19. Links to information in English to Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport are also available.


Current rules in force in Budapest and Hungary

The government has reintroduced the state of emergency. From Tuesday midnight on November 10, for the time being, the following measures will be introduced for 30 days:

Update: 7, December 2020 - The current curfew and strict measures (below) will stay for another month, until 11, January 2021. The prime minister said that there would still be a curfew between 8 pm and 5 am. The government will decide about restrictions on Christmas Eve later this month.

  • There is a curfew between 8 pm and 5 am. An exemption is only possible when returning home from school and work, or in exceptional cases.
  • Wearing a mask is also mandatory in public areas, except during sports activities, in parks and green outdoors.
  • All gatherings are forbidden.
  • Restaurants will be closed, and only home delivery is available, factory canteens may be open.
  • Shops and hairdressers and other small craft providers can be open until 7 pm.
  • Hotels can only accommodate business guests, not tourists.
  • A general ban on events has taken effect.
  • Up to 10 people can attend family gatherings and private events.
  • Weddings are only possible with persons necessary for the ceremony, witnesses, parents and siblings may attend the church and civil ceremonies.
  • Up to 50 people can attend the funerals.
  • Sports matches can be held behind closed gates only.
  • Outdoor sports are allowed, but amateur team sports are prohibited.
  • Leisure facilities (fitness rooms, indoor swimming pools, museums, theatres, zoos) must be kept closed.
  • Higher education can only operate online, and colleges remain closed.
  • In high schools, there is digital education above eighth grade. Nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools will remain open to those under 14 years of age.
  • Hospital staff, school teachers, kindergarten teachers and nursery staff are tested weekly in a targeted rapid test.
  • Seniors can shop at any time, but from 9 am to 11 am Monday to Friday, and from 8 am to 10 pm on weekends they are the only ones allowed to shop.

Other Coronavirus rules in Budapest currently in force:

  • Public transport services have been operating on a tighter schedule since September.
  • Parking is free again.
  • Regular mask wear is mandatory when using public transport. 
  • Throughout Hungary, masks are mandatory in shopping malls, cinemas, theatres, museums, libraries, postal and other customer services, as well as in addition to public transport, in their stops, waiting rooms and sports facilities. Non-compliance with the rules can be sanctioned, the operators can call on the person to wear a mask, but they can also ask for police help. Also, they can be inspected by public health professionals in government offices. A scarf or shawl is no longer enough, a regular mask should be worn.
  • The entry restriction is still in place.
  • The official home quarantine period will be reduced from 14 to 10 days.
  • The official price of the tests was maximised at HUF 19,500.
  • Health, social and public education events can only be held online.
  • Nightclubs are closed.


Official source of information on Covid in Budapest and Hungary


Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport Covid Information


Links to Hungarian non-government news sites covering Coronavirus in English


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15 Experiences Not To Miss In September While In Budapest

September events Budapest 2020

There are still many live concerts to enjoy in September in Budapest, despite of the COVID situation.  The city is about to host short film- and wine festivals and offer many new dining experiences. Market lovers: an independent label fair and The market day will both take place this month.

September events Budapest 2020 - music concerts, festivals, dining experiences, Independent Label Fair and more.

Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra create Caribbean atmosphere by playing pulsating ska, smoky reggae, domestic folk flavours, and drifting Balkan themes. This bomb-proof mixture works in all conditions, in summer, on the waterfront, and with a cold drink; they make you feel ecstasy. They are festival favourites, and you can listen to the ten-member band now in Kobuci Garden.

When: Monday, 07. September 2020
Where: Kobuci Kert, III. Óbuda, Fő tér 1., Zichy-kastély udvar
Cost: 3,000 HUF

The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble concludes this year's short but meaningful summer program series of the Castle Garden with a concert entitled The Folk Music of the Carpathian Basin in the Name of Togetherness. The show will feature the diverse, always captivating, unique music of Transylvania, Transcarpathia, the Highlands and the South.

When: Wednesday, 09. September 2020
Where: Castle Garden, 1013 Budapest, Ybl Miklós tér 2-6.
Cost: From 2,000 HUF

Uniquely versatile Hungarian singer and songwriter, Veronika Harcsa's current project is an acoustic duo with guitar player Bálint Gyémánt. Visitors to the concert can witness a unique encounter between contemporary jazz and improvisational pop music. Why don't you read my recent interview with Veronika to learn more about her?

When: Wednesday, 09. September 2020
Where: Kobuci Kert, III. Óbuda, Fő tér 1., Zichy-kastély udvar
Cost: 2,000 HUF

A little beyond the Roman Coast, the BP BARbq, which has been operating in Akácfa Street, has opened a new location at Pünkösdfürdő (Pentecostal Bath). The BP BARbq Terrace is a sizable terrace, with a slightly more comprehensive selection than downtown, and really in a much more attractive setting. For a larger company, it is worth ordering a large bowl with at least one piece of meat from the entire supply. It is an ideal destination for a short bike ride.

When: open now
Where: Kossuth Lajos Üdülőpart 115 Budapest, 1039

The 8th Fresh Meat, the Budapest International Short Film Festival will be held in Toldi from 10 to 16 September. There will be films specifically for children and the elderly, with a focus on horror and LGBT, both at home and abroad, and even SZFE exam films that are currently struggling to survive. Because the movies are short, there are a lot of them. Find the complete list of short films here.

When: 10-16 September 2020
Where: Toldi Art Cinema, 1054 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36-38.

The Independent Label Fair, which takes place on Saturday, 12 September, is the largest annual event of Hungarian underground record labels, where small publishers from various genres come together to present the current exciting Hungarian publications together. This year, more than 40 domestic and cross-border publishers will sell in Gólya, covering dozens of musical styles. This year's ILF is exceptional in that the situation caused by the coronavirus has worn out small publishers as well, so in addition to browsing new music, the fair aims to present small labels more thoroughly.

When: Saturday, 12 September 2020
Where: Gólya Presszó, 1089 Budapest, Orczy út 46-48
Facebook event

In Nagymező Street, in an almost depressingly spacious room, there is a new restaurant, Lokum, operated by the Turks. Lokum might be the first place in Budapest where you can comfortably spread out around tables packed with small bowls to eat well. They serve breakfasts throughout the day. On the menu, there are tapas-sized salty and sweet dishes, stum tahini, but it is also worth choosing at least one of the salty cheeses. Two people can eat seven or eight bowls, so make sure you have enough time.

When: open now
Where: 1066 Budapest, Zichy jénő utca 30.

Dunapark Café, one of the longest-serving restaurants in all of Budapest, now has a great kitchen. Dunapark has been known for its representative appearance and guests so far, so it is a novelty that with the help of chef Gábor Mogyorósi, you can finally have a good meal here. The kitchen of the renewed Dunapark offers simple Hungarian and bistro classics, not even expensive compared to the surroundings, but at a very high level.

When: open now
Where: 1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 38.

There is a special edition of the Budapest Wine Festival this year due to COVID; a smaller-size yet high-quality event between 10-13 September at the Hunyadi Courtyard of the Royal Palace.

When: 10-13 September 2020
Where: Buda Castle, 1014 Hunyadi Courtyard

The Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Gallery will once again hold Museum+ evenings offering exclusive museum experiences. The traditional event in September will feature popular guided tours, creative workshops, live music throughout the evening, and contemporary dance. Featured artist in September: Raffaello.

When: Thursday, 10 September 2020
Where: Museum Of Fine Arts, 1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 41.

Qui on Arany János Street opened on the site of an Indian restaurant, partly reusing its decoration. The menu includes some Vietnamese and more Thai dishes, from bun cha to various curries. There are several dishes, such as a soup called kuay tiew tom yum or a unique form of xoi Chien sen made from sticky rice and minced pork. Trendy place, reservation recommended.

When: open now
Where: Arany János utca 13 Budapest, 1051

On Sunday the 13th, Elizabeth Square will once again host the Market Day, where a bunch of well-known Budapest markets will come together from WAMP to Pancson to Gozsdu, and you will be able to get pretty much everything. Design, vintage, antique, retro, unique clothes, accessories, jewellery, natural cosmetics, zero waste products, gastronomic specialities, the most delicate Hungarian vegetables and fruits, cheese, meat, honey, syrups and all kinds of backyard products from domestic primary producers.

When: Sunday, 13 September 2020
Where: Elizabeth Square, 1052 Budapest
Facebook event

Not one night, not only an exhibition but also a fair: whoever counts in contemporary Hungarian jewellery, participates. You can attend opening events and impressive performances on weekdays, and visit nearly 30 venues on Saturday, 19 September, during the extended Night of Jewelry Budapest.

When: 14-20 September 2020
Where: at various locations

Csík Band turns the remarkable heritage, Hungarian folk music, into contemporary art and living urban folklore. They can play almost all musical dialects of historical Hungary; folk music that is one of the most colourful and diverse of its kind in Europe. And theirs has successfully integrated rock music, preserving the authentic values of traditional tunes. 

When: Wednesday, 16. September 2020
Where: Kobuci Kert, III. Óbuda, Fő tér 1., Zichy-kastély udvar
Cost: 4,000 HUF

Brains, a concert band playing electronic music returns to the A38 Ship with a kicking double gig. Their music features several styles from drum & bass to hip hop, dancehall to rock, and ragga to folk. They have collaborated several times with international performers on both their records and concerts: their returning guest is Sian Evans, Kosheen singer, but they have also made joint tracks with Dynamite MC (ex-Roni Size), Topcat and Tenor Fly.

When: Thursday-Friday, 24-25. September 2020
Where: A38 Ship, 1117Budapest, Petőfi híd, Budai hídfő
Cost: From 4,490 HUF


17 Fantastic Music, Food and Cultural Experiences To Enjoy In August In Budapest

Budapest events August 2020

Many great live music acts are coming up in August in Budapest, even if these cannot accept more than 500 visitors. The reason for this is the latest COVID-related government decree, which means no show above 500 guests to be held. But concerts listed in this post will all take place. Budapest will also have cool exhibitions and dining experiences to offer in August, make sure you make the most out of it!

Budapest events August 2020 - live concerts, exhibitions, food experiences, Budapest baths and more.

Zugliget Chairlift operates again every day from 01 August 2020 exception of maintenance days, which are Mondays on even weeks. The cable car starts in the forest, and then it passes over private gardens. There is a fantastic view of Hármashatárhegy, the peaks of Pilis Hill, as well as Buda and Pest.

When: From 01 August 2020
More about the Chairlift

Techno party in the Danube Bend. Q3A, Nova Gravity, Mankind, Louie Triton, Muga (two).

When: Saturday, 01 August 2020
Where: Nomád Bár, Nagymaros, 2626
Cost: From 5.00 EUR

Hungarian singer and actress Péterfy Bori leads this band, which combines edgy indie rock with elements of pop, electronic, chanson, and even reggae. She is something on stage; expect glamour and unusual grit.

When: Saturday, 08 August 2020
Where: Barba Negra, Neumann János utca 2., 1117 Budapest
Cost: From 3,500 HUF

Open again until 30 August 2020, unauthorised and illegal Banksy Exhibition is undoubtedly a must-see these days in Budapest.

When: Until 30 August 2020
Where: Kazinczy utca 21, 1075 Budapest
Learn more

Cimbaliband's music mixes the Eastern European feel with folk music and the modern musical styles favoured by audiences. They present musical delicacies with the use of an extraordinary instrument, the cymbalom, fusing jazz, Latin music, and Balkan rhythms. As a result, you can experience what they call the original Eastern European cymbalom rock 'n' roll!

When: Saturday, 08 August 2020
Where: Fonó Budai Zeneház, Sztregova utca 3., 1116 Budapest
Cost: Free
Learn more

Budapest is world-famous for its baths, with good reason. Compare them with the help of our post and find out which one(s) to go-to for the perfect Budapest bath experience. You can find up to date COVID-related information about the spas, too.

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King of Hungarian blues, also known as Captain Bill or only Bill, Gyula Bill Deák is a living legend in Hungary. In 1984 he performed with Chuck Berry at the Budapest Sports Arena, who reportedly said: 'he's the blackest white singer I've ever heard'. He lost his left leg when he was eleven and walking up the stage with a crutch has given him a distinguished appearance ever since.

When: Sunday, 09 August 2020
Where: Barba Negra Track, Neumann János utca 2., 1117 Budapest
Cost: From 3,500 HUF

Kunsthalle Budapest is presenting a family history exhibition spanning four generations. Explore a selection from the works of Gyula Sándy Sr. painter, Gyula Sándy Jr. architect, Tamás Konok Sr. war photographer, and Tamás Konok, painter, a great-grandson, grandson and son. There are romantic mountain landscapes and people, Transylvanian folk architecture, Hungarian Art Nouveau, Evangelical churches, and geometric abstracts on display.

When: Now open
Where: Kunsthalle, Dózsa György út 37, 1146 Budapest
Cost: From 600 HUF
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A vast garden area has opened at the corner of Thököly út and Stefánia as Szaletly Garden. Its kitchen is a modernised monarchical one with Austro-Hungarian classics reworked and refined. There is goulash soup, fish soup, stews on the menu, but from top domestic ingredients, in extraordinary quality. Chef Bernát tries to revive the Stefánia corner with great meat dishes, thick beef necks, Mangalica chops, but with sophisticated sauces and kitchen technology. And it might be the first place on the Pest side worth eating fish soup.

When: Now open
Where: Szaletly Garden, Stefánia út 93, 1146 Budapest
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The captivating music of the current formation of Canarro is all about traditional gipsy jazz, manouche swing. Their speciality is the combination of Django Reinhardt's deservedly popular style and traditional Hungarian jazz. Enjoy the swing and fusion of the 20s and 30s in an exciting musical journey, through dynamic, improvisational and uplifting melodies.

When: Wednesday, 12 August 2020
Where: Fonó Budai Zeneház, Sztregova utca ., 1116 Budapest
Cost: Free
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There is a new cooperative market in Tompa utca on the Pest side for local artisan producers, hosted by Paletta restaurant. Every Wednesday night, starting from 5 pm, there is a Mediterranean gourmet fair on the streets with food and refreshments and music. Customers can have conversations with stallholders while sampling the products and even get a few drinks or bites with them. Buy homemade bread, sausages, pasta, jam, fruit juice, cheese, truffles and more.

When: Every Wednesday from 5 pm
Where: Tompa utca, 1094 Budapest

Ivan & The Parazol, the young rock and roll band, has been reviving rock music of the sixties ensuring it will never go out of style. They've got an energic frontman, and play their live acts with pure power. Band members met at a private music school in Budapest back in 2010, and have released four albums since.

When: Thursday, 13 August 2020
Where: Kobuci Kert, Fő tér 1, 1033 Budapest
Cost: 3,000 HUF

The name Besh o droM in Lovari, a subgroup of the Romani people means "Drive the way!" that is, "Get started". The doyen of Hungarian world music combines Balkan and Hungarian melodies, mixes very different styles and plays music whose atmosphere is only worth experiencing. They play on many occasions with world-famous performers, such as Oscar Peterson, Al Di Meola, Keith Jarrett, Marcus Miller.

When: Tuesday, 18 August 2020
Where: Kobuci Kert, Fő tér 1, 1033 Budapest
Cost: From 2,000 HUF

Palya Bea is one of the defining figures of the Hungarian music scene, an acclaimed songwriter, singer, performer and trainer. Her native musical language is Hungarian folk, but her art has been influenced by Gypsy, Bulgarian, Sephardic, Indian and African music as well. She is also comfortable in the world of contemporary songwriter spheres including Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Aretha Franklin. During the concerts, Bea soon captivates her audience with her beautiful voice and exceptional energy.

When: Wednesday, 19 August 2020
Where: Kobuci Kert, Fő tér 1, 1033 Budapest
Cost: From 2,500 HUF

T9 - The First Bastion is an archaeological excavation site in the Buda Castle District, operating now as an exhibition place and a community space. Its history is known to the general public for the liberation of the writer Mihály Táncsics in 1848. Probably an early royal residence built by King Béla IV. was also located here. Later, the building complex became the property of the United States in 1948 as war reparations and became the residence of soldiers.

When: Now open
Where: Táncsics utca 9, 1014 Budapest
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Colorstar, growing out of the Budapest-based party scene of the 1990s, offers psychedelic dance music for space travel. Good news that the band's founding guitarist Péter Szalay will return to the stage too, after a long break.

When: Saturday, 29 August 2020
Where: Kobuci Kert, Fő tér 1, 1033 Budapest
Cost: From 2,000 HUF

DiVino Wine Bar has built a small outdoor space in Városmajor, at the end of Maros utca, using the nowadays popular pop-up bar technique. They call it To The Monkey - The Secret Garden of Buda and are offering programs with food and drink and music.

When: Now open
Where: Majomhoz - Buda Titkos Kertje, Maros utca, 1122 Budapest