Art movie screenings in Budapest: which films to watch this month?

Nick Cave – This Much I Know To Be True

Saturday 14 May, 8 pm – Exclusive screening
At Urania National Film Theatre
In original language with Hungarian subtitles

Filmed in London and Brighton, the concert documentary captures the relationship between Nick Cave and Warren Ellis performing songs from their two albums Ghosteen (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds) and Carnage (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis). The songs were recorded over five days in early 2021 when a pandemic forced them to cancel a major tour.


From Thursday, 7 April
Drama / Hungary, Germany, 93 min, 2022
Showtimes at Urania National Film Theatre
In Hungarian

Edina is a female bodybuilder who lives with her trainer Adam. Edina will have to make a sacrifice to win the world championship. In the meantime, she finds herself in a strange relationship with a mysterious man. The encounter alters everything she has believed. Anna Nemes (Beautiful Monster) stars as internationally renowned bodybuilder Eszter Csonka, who has spent nearly 20 years in bodybuilding. Her partner in the film is bodybuilding fitness trainer György Turós. Gentle had its world premiere at one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals, Sundance.


Romantic, Drama, Comedy / Italy, 120 min, 2021
Showtimes at Urania National Film Theatre
In Italian language with Hungarian subtitles

The new film by the director of Total Strangers and The Place tells the story of a couple in Rome. Maria (Jasmine Trinca) is a creative and impulsive comic artist who hates convention, while Marco (Alessandro Borghi) is a physics professor who is convinced that everything has an explanation. The two of them try to save their relationship through time, which passes and often brings conflicts, old secrets and lies to the surface. They are true superheroes, defying time to protect their love.

Art movie screenings in Budapest: La Fracture

French comedy, 98 min, 2021
Showtimes at Urania National Film Theatre
In French, with Hungarian subtitles

Presented at the Cannes Film Festival and the 12th edition of the Francophone Film Festival, this is a social drama and an entertaining comedy with witty dialogue. The story takes place in a hospital emergency room where the protagonist, Raphaëlle (Valéria Bruni Tedeschi), gets admitted after she falls to get her arm broken. Her personal life is also at a breaking point. But all this is not enough because the hospital resembles a madhouse from the protests in the city. Patients are impatient, and doctors and nurses are overworked. What will be the end of this? The film got nominated for six César Awards this year, including Best Film and Best Screenplay.

Exhibition On Screen: Easter In Art

English Art Film, 85 min, 2020
Showtimes at Urania National Film Theatre
In English with Hungarian subtitles

The beautifully composed new episode of Exhibition on Screen, returning to our screens, explores the story of Easter. The story of Christ’s death and resurrection has had a decisive influence on Western culture over the last two thousand years. It is perhaps the most significant biblical event portrayed in the works of artists of different ages, inspired by the Gospels. The film will screen three times.


Drama / UK, 97 min, 2021
Showtimes at Urania National Film Theatre
In English with Hungarian subtitles

Kenneth Branagh’s humorous, emotional autobiography has received seven Oscar nominations. The film tells the story of the director’s childhood in Belfast in the late 1960s, specifically the year 1969, when “trouble” began in the capital of Northern Ireland. The story of a nine-year-old boy in a world suddenly turned upside down. The civil war that flares up on the streets of Belfast changes everything he ever thought about life, but the formative magic of joy, laughter, music and film remains.

Bergman Island

French drama, comedy, 112 min, 2021
Showtimes at Urania National Film Theatre
In English and Swedish with Hungarian subtitles

German-English couple Chris and Tony arrive on the island of Fårö in Sweden to spend weeks creating in the former home of Ingmar Bergman. They are both successful film directors who want to write their next screenplay isolated from the world. The northern summers are cool and inspiring, and Bergman’s ghost hovers around every corner. Mia Hansen-Løve, Berlin Silver Bear Award-winning director (2016: Days to Come), premiered this film in the competition programme of the Cannes Film Festival. The film was shot on location over two summers, in 2018 and 2019.

Art movie screenings in Budapest: Fellini: 8 And 1/2

Black & White / Italian / Drama, 132 min, 1963
Showtimes at Urania National Film Theatre
In Italian language with Hungarian subtitles

Art movie screenings in Budapest: on the day after Mario Mariani’s film music concert, Fellini’s classic is on the big screen! Film director Guido (Marcello Mastroianni) retires to a private clinic. He wants to hide from the world, but all his attempts fail. He gets constantly hounded not only by his wife and mistress but also by people who are waiting for him to make a new film. Instead of a brilliant idea, he suffers from dreams and childhood anxieties. He imagines the women who have played a role in his life.

Italian Variations: Piano Concerto By Mario Mariani

Film music concert on the Urania stage, 90 min, 2022
Showtimes at Urania National Film Theatre

Pianist Mario Mariani will perform his compositions and classic film scores that have made Italian culture famous. The concert will include Nino Rota’s world-famous film scores, including suites from Fellini’s films – Casanova, Amarcord and “8 and ½” – and the famous theme song from Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather. On the day after the concert, Fellini’s film “8 and 1/2” will be screened in conjunction with the concerto.

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