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Are you looking for accurate information about how to spend your free time in Budapest?

Or are you looking for the right advice to help you find the greatest event?

Awesome. You’re in the right place – we provide content about things to do in Budapest every week.

And here’s why:

NOWUDAPEST is aiming to be the leading learning resource about Budapest events for anyone who wants to visit or stay.

While we provide plenty of helpful content for foreigners, we also provide useful information to Hungarian citizens in English.

We give you the advice you need to choose, experience, and enjoy from the many things Budapest offers each week. So you can make an informed decision about where to go, what to see while staying in Budapest.

You’ll find weekly roundups and event recommendations you can put into action right away.

About NOWUDAPEST – the belief it is founded upon

  • We shouldn’t be a linguist or be super smart to find information about what the heck is going on in Budapest.
  • We should not rely on our neighbour’s help all the time to find out how to buy some concert tickets.
  • While living in and visiting a city like Budapest, it can be tough for anyone arriving from abroad to deal with the language barrier and cultural differences. It is time to bring us closer and also to open up Budapest to the world in English – a long awaited call.

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What you’ll find here on NOWUDAPEST

  • Things to do the following week, a roundup article including sports, music, arts and more posted on Sundays
  • What concerts you can go to the following week
  • What art events will Budapest be offering the following week
  • And more

Hi, I am Zoltan

I lived in London and Bournemouth in the UK for the past ten years and I have just returned to Budapest.

I started this blog in 2020 as an attempt to help those who are struggling to find relevant information about what’s on in Budapest. Knowing how difficult it is to live and stay in a different city and country, I would like to save you guys time by providing valuable information you can rely on. I will do my best, it’s a promise.