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5 Trustworthy Hungarian News Blogs

Hungarian news blogs

Nowudapest is meant to be about events in Budapest as you know. But given what's going on in the world right now, I must bring you something more relevant today. Many of English speaking readers are struggling to find reliable source of information about things happening in Hungary and Budapest. This is why I have picked 5 trustworthy and independent blogs so you can better understand what's developing around you these days.

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(Cover photo courtesy Daniel Olah)

Hungarian News Blogs

index in englishIndex In English

The English section of It translates their most important stories to provide non-Hungarian audiences access to the most important current developments in Hungary.



InsightHungary is’s free English-language platform covering current events in Hungary. They offer a free weekly newsletter and also notification whenever a new article is published on their website.


Hungary By

Hungary’s first investigative journalism non-profit, is financed by nonpartisan and non-governmental sources. "Atlatszo” means transparent; they produce investigative reports and accept information from whistleblowers.



Hungarian Spectrum

Edited by university professors in the US, Hungarian Spectrum features daily analyses of political, economic and cultural news from Hungary.


Hungarian Free Press

Focusing primarily on Hungarian political news, this Canadian blog also aims to explore broader regional trends, as well as diaspora-related issues.


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